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My name is Michelle Okpewho. I've been a believer since 2008. Shortly after the Lord saved me, I have felt an increasing burden for the Arab people group and Muslims in general. I grew up near a mosque so consequently had many Muslim friends in my high school who I befriended and loved. 

In 2014, when I learned that a missionary family that I knew and respected was moving to Lebanon to minister to Syrian refugees, I was so excited and began to consider visiting to help with their ministry. I visited them twice; the first visit was for one month in November 2017 and the second visit was for 8 months from September 2018 to May 2019. Throughout my second visit and especially upon returning home, I began seriously considering moving to Lebanon for the long haul. After much prayer and counsel, I decided to join the missionary team. It was such a blessing to labor alongside a faithful, gospel-focused team. I am looking forward to continuing our labors together for God's glory and the advancement of his kingdom.


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