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Fund # 1010-00

Quality Biblical materials are in short supply in most languages around the world.  Without them it is difficult to train pastors, leaders, and teachers, and to help the saints of God grow to gospel maturity.

As a part of our Gospel CAT service (Computer Assisted Translation), EWM provides the operational and technological tool suite to assist like-minded translation projects world-wide.  We are not a translation service provider, but we support those who are with a world-class, AI-powered platform (Artificial Intelligence) that greatly reduces the cost, improves the quality, and accelerates the pace of language translation work.

Using AI, a 4oo-page book can be translated from English to another target language in under 5 minutes.

Currently, projects are underway in over 20 languages, with the potential to impact hundreds of millions of people for the cause of Christ.

If you would like to support these translation projects, please donate to this fund to help cover the wide array of costs in developing much-needed books, articles, websites, video subtitles, and training materials.  

$1 covers the technology costs of translating  1 page of a book or article.


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