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Marco and Laura are sent out to South Africa by Christ Fellowship of Kansas City. After growing up as a nominal Roman Catholic, Marco was exposed to the gospel and other biblical truth in his early 20’s through a co-worker’s personal evangelism. Subsequently he came to trust in the Lord Jesus and went on to complete M.Div studies at The Master’s Seminary. He began ministry in South Africa in the Fall of 2016 and has spent a total of three and a half years there, mainly as a Pastoral Assistant with a partial focus on local evangelism. 

The Scouverts live and minister in Johannesburg. Marco’s primary focus is to establish a local church in an informal settlement (Zandspruit) where there’s been a group attending a weekly Bible study for three years. In addition to that he hopes (if the Lord wills) to plant new churches and set biblical order to already existing churches through evangelism, teaching, and equipping church leaders.

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