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The Verax Institute fulfills its mission of providing orientation at a time of confusion by focusing on two specific tasks:

a. Advancing an accurate understanding of the Bible

Amidst a multiplicity of religious views the Institute offers biblical orientation. This is being done by biblical exposition, explication of theological topics, and the analysis of religious trends affecting churches.

b. Researching and critiquing global trends

As a Christian apologist, Dr. Martin Erdmann has been particularly interested in researching the historical, religious, and philosophical development of different ideologies which have become predominant in the western world during the past three hundred years while changing their epochal manifestations in accordance with cultural preferences in order to reach their utopian goals. Against this ideological background he analyzes and critiques current events and relevant issues, such as stakeholder capitalism, sustainable development, and global governance. In previous decades Progressivism has established itself as a mixture of all of these ideologies and gained considerable importance as a religious, socio-political, and economic movement. Thus, it is imperative to present informed arguments in opposition to Progresivism which are firmly based on a Christian perspective.

Theological Position

The Bible (Old and New Testament) is the divine revelation, inspired by the Holy Spirit and therefore is the only reliable source of truth und authority. Therefore all staff members at the Verax Institute agree to submit unreservedly to the comprehensive Lordship of Jesus Christ, in particular as it concerns the intellectual understanding, interpretation, and proclamation of biblical truth.

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